Friday, May 18th

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7am: Conference Registration Opens

7am – 8am: Light Breakfast

8am - 3:30pm: "It's All In A Game; Putting the Fun Back in Classrooms" (NYS CIU) with Kirk and Margaret Mittelman and NYS DOH BEMSTS Staff

What motivates you to teach, learn and work in EMS? Is it the money you make, or could it be the great schedule we all keep? Most likely, the answer is; the good we can do when things go right and are fun. If we can keep the classroom moving and fun, the students will learn while enjoying the topics we have to present. Is it possible that if we utilize educational games in the classroom that students might enjoy learning? Implementing and building educational games is an art form that Kirk and Margaret have taken to another level. Join them for this NEW extended class on how to make, use and implement games into your classroom and take your teaching to another level.

NYS CIU Credit: (7.5) Hours or use as addtional

3:45pm - 4pm: IAC 2018 Opening Ceremonies

4pm - 5pm: Keynote Address - "Shoot For Exceptional & Leave Acceptable Behind" with Reuben Farnsworth

Are you settling for less than your best? No more. We will talk about the importance of exceptional medicine and why it matters. We will talk about how in depth assessments and the constant pursuit of excellence can elevate us as providers. What you do is important and this presentation will remind you why.

NYS Core Category: (1) Preparatory

5pm to 6:30pm: Exhibit Hall Opening and Welcome Reception (Drinks, Giveaways, Hors d'Oeuvres)