Pre-Conference Programs

Thursday, May 17th

6:30am – Attendee Registration Begins

Session 1 - 7am to 11am (SOLD OUT)

Session 2 - 11:30am to 3:30pm (SOLD OUT)

Session 3 - 4:30pm to 8:30pm (SOLD OUT)

"Inside Out: A Procedural Anatomy Cadaver Lab" with Scotty Bolleter

Inside Out is a nationally recognized offering that focuses on optimal resuscitation and emergent interventions for basic and advanced providers. This 4-hour program is a unique, hands-on experience that gracefully blends fresh human specimens, highly experienced professionals, and the most demanding procedures (with the right dose of reservation). The class is tightly orchestrated and designed to comprehensively dissect, explain, and train through: bleeding control, ventilation and airway management (BLS, ALS and Surgical), vascular access (IV: peripheral and cut-down, IO, and central venous access), thoracic injury management (needle decompression, finger thoracotomy, chest tube placement and pericardiocentesis), ultrasound assessment and usage, and more. Participants actively locate, visualize, mobilize and explore the freshly dissected anatomy of the neck, chest, abdomen and extremities to better appreciate the efficacy and impact our interventions have on the human body (while simultaneously defining the common medical and traumatic disease processes we encounter). This class has been designed with the single goal of improving “indication recognition” while simultaneously offering hands-on experience for “low frequency–high value” procedures. As a bonus, each participant receives a procedural anatomy program DVD.

Suggested attire: Scrubs and running shoes/sneakers. All BSI provided. Participants should NOT wear shorts or open toed shoes.

NYS Core Categories: ALS & BLS - (2) Shock & Reuscitation, (2) Airway

11am to 12pm - Lunch for EPC and MCI Attendees

8am to 4pm (Day 1 of 2) – "EMS Care in Remote and Austere Environments" with Clark Hayward and Staff

(Maximum of 15 Attendees)

This 2-day didactic and hands on workshop will introduce EMS providers to provision of long term care in remote and austere environments. All material adheres to the Wilderness Medical Society Practice Guidelines. Mornings will be spent in classroom sessions and afternoons will be scenario based and take place in the field. More information about what to bring will be provided after registration.

Just some of the topics covered within the course:

-       Patient Assessment modification for Remote and Austere Environment

-       Management of Orthopedic Injuries including field reduction of dislocations

-       Long term care of soft tissue injuries and infection control

-       Improvisation of equipment and evacuation strategies

NYS Core Categories: (16) ALS and BLS Trauma and Operations

8am to 4pm (Day 1 of 2) – NAEMT Emergency Pediatric Care (EPC) Course with Bruce Barry and Staff

(Maximum of 16 Attendees)

Join Bruce for this Emergency Pediatric Care (EPC) course, which will feature unique use of simulation. EPC focuses on critical pediatric physiology, illnesses, injuries and interventions to help EMS practitioners provide the best treatment for sick and injured children in the field. The course stresses critical thinking skills to help practitioners make the best decisions for their young patients. EPC is appropriate for all levels of providers.

NYS Core Categories: (16) ALS and BLS Assorted

8am to 3:30pm – "First Due at the Big One: MCI Management and Triage Operations for EMS Providers" with Lt. Jack Tims and Staff

(Maximum of 24 Attendees) (SOLD OUT)

Are you ready to take charge at the big one? Are you confident enough in your triage skills to rapidly assess and appropriately tag 20 patients? Have you looked at a triage tag, post EMT class? Your actions as the first due unit at an MCI are critical for your patients and set the tone for how the entire event unfolds. These are low frequency and high-stress events but there's no need for us to learn by trial and error. Join Jack for this interactive and hands-on class that will review and teach scene size up, establishment of command, proper first due arrival reports, assignment of tasks, proper triage and resource utilization. Walk away with the tools and confidence needed to tackle and overcome any MCI, regardless of size and complexity.

NYS Core Category: (7.5) ALS and BLS Operations

4pm to 8pm – "12 Lead ECG Workshop" with Tim Redding

Have you ever wanted to be able to read 12 Lead ECG's? Need a 12 Lead refresher? This course will review 12 Lead ECG interpretation from soup to nuts. We will start with a review of basic 12 Lead ECG interpretation and continue with advanced aspects of 12 Lead ECG interpretation including, but not limited too: Right Ventricular infarction, Posterior wall infarction, Left Coronary dominance and Sgarbossa’s Criteria. Join Tim for what will be the most-understandable 12 Lead ECG class you have ever taken.

NYS Core Category: (4) ALS and BLS Cardiac/Cardiology

5pm to 8pm – "Law Enforcement and EMS; Treating and Working with Our 2 and 4-Legged Colleagues in Blue" with Doug Wildermuth and NYSP

Officer down scenarios, drawing blood for police, treating Taser injuries, K9 officer considerations, information sharing, complex crime scenes and evidence issues. As EMS providers, we routinely work with our law enforcement colleagues but how often do we communicate and train with them, prior to the $h!& hitting the fan? How can we foster a stronger relationship? Join Sgt. Wildermuth and his NYSP colleagues for this special look at an array of treatment and operational procedures for working with law enforcement officers.

NYS Core Catergory: (3) ALS and BLS Operations

6pm to 8pm – "EMS Infinity" and "Social Media & Public Safety: Is It Worth It?" with Dan Flynn and Titus Tero from A&E's "Nightwatch"

EMS Infinity - A talk of EMS past, present and future involving where EMS originated and where we see EMS in the future. Join Dan and Titus as they discuss EMS shortfalls, successes and areas in which we could greatly improve patient outcomes. Come listen and contribute to an open forum and offer your thoughts on the topics we discuss!

Social Media & Public Safety: Is It Worth It? - Too many times we read stories of Police officers, EMTs, Paramedics and Firemen getting fired from their positions due to a controversial topic centered around a Social Media post. Social Media has proven to be a valuable tool in self promotion, company promotion & information and even for disaster assistance. However, there are "do's and don'ts" when it comes to Social Media in Public Safety. Join Dan and Titus as they discuss how to get the most out of Social Media, without sacrificing your career over it.

NYS Core Categories: (1) Preparatory, (1) Addtional

Friday, May 18th

7am - Attendee Registration Opens

7am to 8am - Light Breakfast

8am to 4pm (Day 2 of 2) – "EMS Care in Remote and Austere Environments" with Clark Hayward and Staff

8am to 4pm (Day 2 of 2) – NAEMT Emergency Pediatric Care (EPC) Course with Bruce Barry and Staff

12pm to 1pm - Lunch